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More and more users start using YunFile for sharing and saving their files. Why not be one of them? Its completly free.

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File Deleting Permanently saved 90 days after the last download 90 days after the last download
Storage 2048GB, No Deletion 500GB -
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Welcome to YunFile.com!

YunFile.com, is providing online hosting and file saving services. We offer free and affordable charged services. Services include advanced online storage / remote backup, upload and download.

We are serving users from more than 200 countries accross various industry. Is your file too big to attach to email? YunFile.com could help. It will make upload and download easy!

What premium-pack brings to you?

  • Ads free, immediate download
  • Get maximum upload and download speed
  • Enable your download software to download
  • Upload bigger file, simple and easy
  • Earn more
  • Permanently saved
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